Mac Leopard, ROR 2.2 and MySQL

Finally, I found a nice solution for the RoR 2.2 MySQL problem. The initial problem was that the MySQL library isn’t bundled with RoR anymore, and you need to install it as a gem. No big deal at first, but we Leopard users are “plagued” with the fact that Apple has somewhat of an exotic … Continue reading Mac Leopard, ROR 2.2 and MySQL

Create sub folders in your Rails application

I got some nice emails concerning my restful search and the Object-oriented approach to ActiveRecord posts. But a few of those mails had another thing in common. Some users find all the finder classes in the helper folder overwhelming, and they don’t like having them in the same folder as their view helpers. Well, the … Continue reading Create sub folders in your Rails application

Object-oriented approach to ActiveRecord

One of my colleges (the main programmer for the company I work for) has created a nice post on creating dynamic search criteria in an object-oriented way using Rails ActiveRecord. You can find his post here. At first, I was a little out of balance, becouse I couldn’t realy see the advantage of it. But … Continue reading Object-oriented approach to ActiveRecord

Rails new template file extensions

For some of you that don’t know this yet (don’t be ashamed of yourself, I only heard about it a a few months back), Rails 2 recommends a new file extension for your template file. At this point, everyone was using template extensions like: .rhtml .rxml .rjs To unify the template files, the Rails developers … Continue reading Rails new template file extensions