Firefox 3 out now!

Jej, it is finally here. Firefox 3 is out. I was waiting a long time for this release. I didn’t use the beta or RC versions, so it was a bit hard to wait. But it was worth it. One of the main things I couldn’t wait for was the fact that FF 3 would consume less memory.

Firefox 2 was consuming between 220.000 and 270.000k on my laptop. Now it only consumes between 40.000 and 70.000k. I haven’t take the time yet to test everything in detail.One thing I had problems with was Firebug. The 1.0.5 release doesn’t work under Firefox 3 and the getfirebug website is still down. But luckily I found a SVN build at MyZoneLabs that does the trick.

So do not hesitate and GET FIREFOX 3.0. Don’t forget, the Mozilla Foundation is trying to break the Guinness World Record of most downloaded software in one day. So if you stumble upon this post before 17:00 UTC on June 18, 2008 and downloaded Firefox, you are one of the many who is helping to achieve this goal.