Google SEO and pagerank driving me nuts

Since I re-develoment my website, I started to think about search engine rankings and google pagerank. So during the development, I made sure that I had clean HTML, and made proper use of meta tags.

I’m still “developing” as we speak, since I need some strong texts to put on the site, but I can allready see more incoming visitors through Google Analytics. But the thing that is bothering me is the pagerank.

My frontpage has a pagerank of 3, but when I go to other pages, I get a pagerank n/a (not available). Now, having a pagerank 0 would make sence to me, but a n/a is just to weird.

I have read a lot these past days about SEO and pageranks, and I know it is calculated through the number of high quality backlinks, but still that doesn’t explain the n/a status. I rather would expect a 0.

The next thing I would like to achieve is to rank higher in google. Since I have some tuff keywords like webdesign, webapplications and hosting, I know it will be hard to do well, but I can’t seem to find myself in google now when I search on these words.

So rewriting my texts will be the first thing to do, but if anyone of you readers out there know other ways to score better, please do let me know. I’ll be very greatfull.