Hello all

Hi there. Welcome to my first blog post. Since blogs are still popular, I wanted to start my own. I know, I’m a bit late to jump on the blogtrain, but still, better late then never.

I probably had some people foold with the uri, since some of you might think this has something to do with The X-Files of The Lone Gunmen. Sorry, but it hasn’t in a direct way. I’m just starting to watch The X-Files season 9 on DVD, and during the previous seasons, I found that “Lone Gunman” and “The Truth is out there” had some fling ;).

I know, I’m a big Xfilis in secret. I’m just a sucker for conspiracy theories and little green men.

The thing you might expect on this blog will be a variety of things that I like. From webdevelopment, ICT releated stuff to tv and some hobbies of mine.

So I hope you readers like my posts and please, feel free to comment.