Mac, though love

I recently made the switch to mac. I just love working with it. But I’m experiencing some downsides to it. This is probably due to lack of knowledge about Mac.

Like most of you know, I’m in the web development business. So I need PHP and Ruby on Rails.

I was happy to notice that PHP en RoR where installed by default on Leopard. But then I needed MySQL PDO. Hmm, the default PHP installation doesn’t support MySQL PDO. So I need to recompile. So I downloaded the PHP source and tried to recompile it with almost the same parameters I found of my previous installation. But still no go. I just gave up at the moment.

Then next thing happend. RoR 2.2 came out. So I wanted to upgrade. I upgrade an old experimental app and tried to run it. Oops, looks like RoR doesn’t ship anymore with mysql library. After a quick google, I noticed I had to install the mysql 2.7 gem.

Ok, that’s easy. Tried to install it, but ran into errors. So after some more googling I saw that other mac users ran into the same problem and various solutions where found. But, none of them worked for me. Well, I didn’t tried them all. Some of the solutions mentioned installing both 64 and 32 bit version of MySQL. Well, I just like to run a clean system and not messing with diffrent installations.

I googled a lot lately but still didn’t found a solution for both of my problems. So if any of you readers might have found a solution to help me out, please do share.