RESTful programming… but what does it mean?

I really start to get into the Rails rabbit hole. The last 9 months or so, I’ve been working in some Rails projects for the company I work for during the day. I have learned a lot, but when reading other peoples blog, I still feel like a real Uber n00b. I started last weekend on a new project for Netronix . Since I wan’t this project to be like a future reference for other projects, I started to read a lot upon programming styles in RoR. One term that always popped up was the REST. I saw it at the beginning when I just started to learn Ruby (and Rails) but never really payed much attention to it. And it wasn’t mentioned even once in all of the Rails books that I read. So why bother.

For some reason, I just wanted to know what REST was. So I started the quest at your friendly neighbourhood search engine Google . And yes, you get a lot of good hits, but also a lot of junk. During my quest of knowledge, I stumbled upon a nice PDF called RESTful Rails Development . Its not big, but it explains the whole theory in a playful way.

I could really advice this light bedtime reading to everyone who has started learning Rails, and is just eager to improve his/her Rails skills.

So this weekend I’ll start on refactoring my project. Hopefully it will pay of soon 🙂 . Maybe RESTful programming will become a second nature 🙂