The Truth

Yes, this is the end. Yesterday I watched the last double episode of The X-Files. It was a nice episode but it ended too soon. Like a lot of people who have seen the end and followed the serie, the ending is great. But it is too open. I know this was the intention the writers, but still I can’t figure out why they stopped after 9 season. Their are still plenty of details that could be explored and built on.

Ok, they know the date when the alien invasion will start, so what? They can still try and stop it and expose the shadow government. Luckily, I can always restart watching the show, but everything is still fresh in my memory, so it will take a few years before I will.

Another downside is that I have nothing interesting to watch anymore. The TV shows that are on at this moment are very weak. Maybe I’ll start wathing Prison Break or Lost again. But I still remember what happend so that won’t be so interesting.

Well, I still can watch Heroes season 2. It will be aired soon, perhaps in a week or two. So I’ll allways have one evening of good tv entertainment.

Any of you readers perhaps know a good show that I good purchase on DVD? Maybe an old show I might have loved and forgot about? Maybe I’ll buy a good anime, like Rurouni Kenshin 🙂