Almost new year

Most western people use the Gregorian calendar to determine when a new year starts.  Like most of my friends now, I’m a bit of the chart. For me, a new year starts after my summer holiday, so that makes it pretty variable.

But I have a good, simple reason to do this. As most of you, I go on vacation abroad. A total new environment, hopefully nice weather and just nothing (or almost nothing) to worry about. This gives me the time to reflect on all things that happend during the year.

The past year a you have read in my previous post has been hectic.  Almost to the border of becoming unpleasant.  So the main red line during  my “spiritual quest” will be

  1. My daytime job : how to deal with the growing workload
  2. My side project (Netronix): getting back on the rails
  3. Sports: not that I haven’t been doing any sports, but just not as much as I wanted
  4. Taking time off: when to take some time for my own without worrying about work stuff

When I look at these 4 points, one thing pops in my mind: time management. That will be big ugly mythical monster to defeat next year. But I know that I will fail. Nobody can defeat this creature. The only thing you can do I develop a way to live with it a peacefully as possible.

I think when you can get your time management right, all the other things just fall in place. So we will see how it gows. Hopefully I can get find a way to get the harmony back in my life.

Tips and experience are welcome. Going to wrap this up. It took me almost 2 hours to write this little post, so this means that I’m in desperate need to recharge my good old batteries!