For love of the game

Some people tell me I’m crazy for working most of the time. Running my own small company and working a full time job. Sometimes, I have to admit they are right. When I sit in front of my computer I totally lose sense of time. I just get wrapped up in problems that need to be solved and trying to absorb more knowledge. For some, that might be geeky, for me its fulfilling and a way to earn more respect amongst my pears.

But lately I’ve been struggling with some ideas. It’s almost 4 years since I started my own business during college and I’m still operating on the same level. Business is growing but not in a noticeable way. I’m still a strong believer that you don’t have to start a business by just quitting your daytime job  and giving yourself a tight deadline to make you project work.

You can still succeed by working on your project at the beginning or the end of the day. Instead of getting up at 8, get up at 7. Instead of sleeping in during the weekends ’till noon, wake up at 9. Instead of hanging in front of the tv during the evening, get some work done. And instead of going to sleep at 10, go to bed at 11. I know it might sound crazy, but getting those few extra hours really give you the chance to accomplish more in one day then you might think. So why am I unable to accomplish my own goals?

Having a day time job also comes with responsibilities. The more you get involved to more responsibility you have to take, the more responsibility you have to take, the heavier your workload. But thats not all. Before you can accomplish your goal you need one thing: ideas. Not that don’t have any ideas, on the contrary. At this point, I started working on 4 projects, witch isn’t really healthy. As a result of working on 4 different projects at the same time, work goes slower then it would when you would work on 1 project.(I even put one project in the fridge and considering starting it all over again with a whole new concept).

Working on one project at a time gives you the possibility to finish your project quicker and get it launched on a first draft. People would get to know you project and give feedback. In the meantime when you are waiting for feedback, you can just start working on the second one, and so on.

Guess I need to take a few steps back and just reflect a bit more on what I want to achieve. I have to admit, I’ve been working like crazy the past year, but I just can’t help it. Trying to accomplish great things often comes with sacrifices  (to some degree of course)  and you can only accomplish them when you feel really passionate about what you do.

So the next step will be thinking about a new strategy to get back on top of things!