Faster Capistrano deployments

“Release early, release often”, a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of early and frequent releases in creating a tight feedback loop. I’ve been trying to push my code to production as often as possible. But I’ve been having a problem with the asset pipeline. From the moment Capistrano hits the deploy:assets:precompile task, it might take … Continue reading Faster Capistrano deployments

Deployments automation with Capistrano

Deployments are a critical phase in any software project. I can still remember the time where I needed to deploy code changes to production using nothing more than FTP to upload all the changed files. Oh boy, the elevated heart rate, logged in on the production server to intervene when something went wrong. From time … Continue reading Deployments automation with Capistrano

Git workflow: master – origin – upstream – and production

Setting up a git workflow might be a tedious task, but can save you a lot of troubles over time. For me, this particular quest started when I wanted to use Chiliproject to manage my client projects. Not only did I wanted to easily configure and deploy it, I also wanted to contribute to it, … Continue reading Git workflow: master – origin – upstream – and production