Faster Capistrano deployments

“Release early, release often”, a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of early and frequent releases in creating a tight feedback loop. I’ve been trying to push my code to production as often as possible. But I’ve been having a problem with the asset pipeline. From the moment Capistrano hits the deploy:assets:precompile task, it might take … Continue reading Faster Capistrano deployments

Deployments automation with Capistrano

Deployments are a critical phase in any software project. I can still remember the time where I needed to deploy code changes to production using nothing more than FTP to upload all the changed files. Oh boy, the elevated heart rate, logged in on the production server to intervene when something went wrong. From time … Continue reading Deployments automation with Capistrano

Testing your ruby command-line tools

Creating a command-line app in ruby might be fun, being able to test them is just as important as testing any other web application. But you can do this with Aruba. Aruba is a Cucumber extension for testing command-line applications written in any language. Passing arguments, interacting with the file system, capturing exist codes en mimicking … Continue reading Testing your ruby command-line tools

Nginx and passenger install in production environment

So we’ve installed ruby as described in my previous post. But we are nothing with only a ruby installation. To serve our ruby / rails apps, we’ll need a webserver. Until last year, I always used Apache to do the heavy lifting. But after some research, I decided to make the switch to Nginx. Either … Continue reading Nginx and passenger install in production environment